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http://gobte.comWelcome to our online bakery shop. If you love bread and other freshly baked goodies, you’ve come to the right place. We rise very early in the morning, and start baking right away, so that you can order your croissant and your muffins first time after you wake up.

Not only do we sell baked good, but we also sell equipment of interest to bakers. We carry and are authorized dealers for everything from home mixers and blenders to full bakery production lines like those sold Bakery Technology Enterprises LLC.

Our products are made from the finest ingredients. We select our suppliers with great care, thus being able to offer the same high quality baked goods each and every time. Whether you like your bread made with yeast or you are a sourdough fan, we’ve got the right products for you.

We take pride in using only recipes that have been tested throughout the years. Some of our newest clients have heard about us from their parents. Since they’ve grown up with our bread, they aren’t ready to give it up just yet, so they’ve decided to stick to us for all their bakery items.

If you want to take a look at our offer, we kindly invite you to visit the special section of our website. All items have photos and detailed descriptions, as well as the complete list of ingredients. We’ve got plain white bread loaves, but also various items made from cereal and seed mixes. We love experiments, so we are proud to inform you that we add new products several times per year. If most of our clients like one of the new products, and we see a reasonable amount of regular orders, we keep it on the list. If you, our clients, decide you don’t agree with the new taste, we drop that product, thus making room for new ones. We listen to your suggestions and we welcome honest and detailed feedback.

If you are a bakery goods lover, you may want to bookmark our shop, so that you can access it easily whenever needed. We know this is what people do when they want to repeat purchase. This is why we have eased your life by making it easier to enjoy our products on your morning table. Once you become our regular client, you have the choice of a weekly or monthly subscription. You give us instructions on what kind of products you need on a daily basis, and one of our couriers is going to deliver them to your door every morning, at the commonly agreed hour.

By buying your bakery items online in our shop, you are never going to worry about the quality of your bread ever again. Our quality control and our selection of ingredients are performed by employees with a very sharp attention to detail. Thanks to their commitment, your daily bread is always going to be good and healthy, and you’ll never think to buy your bakery goods elsewhere again.

We know how to bake, and we are proud to inform you that we do it with dedication and love. If you want to try our products, please add everything you’d like in the shopping cart, and place an order. If you aren’t satisfied, we are happy to give you a refund. Hopefully, that’s not going to be the case.

Lastly, you can make sure that you will only receive fresh baked goodies. We comply with the guidelines of USA Food Safety and Inspection Service.