For many years Shesh Shesh has built its reputation from the quality of the breads made in the traditional French way.

The bakery offers a wide selection:

A classic—the traditional French baguette and the Boule: smooth and white inside, golden and crusty outside will be delicious with any meal or for a sandwich.

Sesame baguette: The sesame seeds will add some crunchy to the traditional baguette as well as a delicate flavor.

The sourdough is a classic with its distinctive tangy or sour taste. This bread accompanies lunch or diner perfectly.

Pumkernickel has a moist, dense-grained crumb. Thinly sliced, this bread makes superior sandwiches and will be particularly delicious with salmon.
It is perfect for using as a base for canapés and can also be a tasty accompaniment to cheese.

Multigrain: healthy, coarse, seeded bread. This bread will surprise you with its delightful nutty taste and is perfect for anytime of the day.

Rye bread: Made with wheat and rye flour, this bread is delicious with sea-foods like oysters.

Cranberry bread: This delicious sweet bread makes great breakfast toast. You can also just eat it by itself for snack!


Traditional buttery, flaky pastry rolled into the perfect crescent shape. We offer butter croissants as well as those with sweet treats inside, including: chocolate, raisin custard, almond paste and much more. You will also appreciate our savory croissants for breakfast.

Plain croissant (croissant au beurre)
Almond croissant
Chocolate croissant (pain au chocolat also called chocolatine in the South of France)
Almond chocolate croissant
Pépites (chocolate chips and custard cream)
Pain au raisin (raisin and custard cream)
Raspberry croissant
Oranais (peach and custard cream)
Cheese croissant
Ham and cheese croissant
Spinach and cheese croissant

Sweet Pastries

We offer a collection of delicious pastries:

La Pompadour
This dessert is made of delicate puff pastry generously stuffed with raspberry and apple, thick and twisted into a knot at the top. The pastry is named after Madame Pompadour, official maîtresse of Louis XV.

Le Napoleon
Five layers of flaky puff pastry, decadent French cream and raspberry come together to create the Napoleon. A French must!

Topped with chocolate flavored icing, the éclair is baked pastry dough filled with French custard cream. A French classic.

Start with yellow cake flavored with liqueur and frost it with butter cream and you get a mocha cake. The butter cream frosting is mocha flavored or chocolate raspberry.

Fruit mousse
Genoise, the French yellow cake, with a light fruit mousse.

Pies and Tarts

Tartlets are the perfect way to sample French pastry. Petite yet full of flavor, rich custard or luscious chocolate and the freshest fruits come together to create our individual tartlets.

Apple pie
Apple cranberry pie
Fruit of the forest pie (apple, rhubarb and berries)
Strawberry tart
Fruits tart
Our signature tart, the choco poire made of chocolate, almond and pear
Apple tart
Chocolate tart

Other Desserts

Locally made yogurt with locally made granola

We serve classic French Madeleines which are tiny, dense cakes, heavy with the flavor of butter and lemon. They’re great served alongside tea or coffee. Try these little cakes, made famous by the French writer Marcel Proust in his novel In Search of Lost Time.

Financiers (green tea, raspberry, pistachio…):
These are soft and springy with a slightly domed top and a lovely golden brown crust. Financiers are similar to Madeleines in that they both use a sponge-like mixture. Our financiers have a subtle flavour of butter and almond that we marry with green tea, raspberry or pistachio. As with the Madeleine, it is lovely in the afternoon with a cup of tea.



Lemon bars